BimlFlex User Guide

The BimlFlex User Guide describes the BimlFlex Data Warehouse Automation product.

The BimlFlex User Guide is broken up into several parts. Navigate through the User Guide with the chapters to the left.

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Webinar - Azure Data Warehouse Automation with BimlFlex

Leverage metadata-driven DWA and data transformation optimized specifically for all Azure Data Warehousing options.

01.BimlFlex - Initial Configuration

In this session, we go through the initial configuration of the BimlFlex project. We will cover the initial deployment of BimlFlex and BimlCatalog databases, create our first metadata instance.

02.BimlFlex - Importing Metadata

In this session, we look at importing metadata using BimlFlex. The metadata is published and committed and persisted in the meta vault repository.

03. BimlFlex - Source To Staging

In this session, we explore the process of configuring Source to Staging process.

04.BimlFlex - Data Vault Accelerator

In this session, we discuss the various modeling and configuration options available with BimlFlex.

05. BimlFlex - Object Inheritance

In this session we look at Object Inheritance to reuse metadata.

13. BimlFlex - Import Files

In this session we look at how to configure flat files.