Mist Samples Overview

Federal Reserve

The Federal Reserve is the central banking system of the United States. A key function of the Federal Reserve is to implement monetary policy; one way that’s done is through controlling the interest rates of various economic assets. Viewing and comparing the performance of different interest rates can provide insight into the changing state of the United States economy.

This Mist sample creates a SSAS cube containing Federal Reserve interest rate data. The cube can be used to analyze interest rates among various securities using Excel, Reporting Services, and Vivid. To create the cube, this sample takes interest rate data, which is inconveniently strewn across numerous hard to read files on the web, and organizes it into consistent dates and a structured format. It also models the necessary tables to hold this data, before creating them in SQL Server and populating them with the data. Finally, the sample models a cube that can be built into a SSAS cube and then deployed for user analysis.